Sejarah Perusahaan dalam proses pembuatan Produk STB Tv digital
tampilan halaman depan pabrik STB Tv digital

PT NEXTRON TECHNOLOGY INDONESIA is ready to develop greater for the developing EMS market by showing the relevance of its business models, its core competencies, and strict standards in a more complete range of production capabilities.

We believe that by using local workers, we can produce international standard products, because before our products are sent to consumers we will always do quality control including the aging test process for 72 hours with room temperature above 35ºC

Currently we are producing various types of STB (set top boxes) including DVB-T2 (Terrestrial), DVB-S (Satellite), DVB-C (Cable) and DVB-IP. Specifically for DVB-T2 it has its own trademark, Nextron. And to participate in the success of government programs in the transition of analog TV to Digital TV (ASO; analog switch off), STB Nextron has been certified SNI and Kominfo, so that Automatic Stb Nextron has become one of the choices of people recommended by the government in this case the Ministry of Communication and Information (Kemkominfo) as one of the STB devices to receive digital TV broadcasts in Indonesia.


Visi : Making local manufacturing companies able to participate in digital development in Indonesia, in accordance with the government’s “Digitalization” program.

Misi : With the spirit of participating in building Digital Indonesia, Nextron is determined to produce quality products that will bring progress by empowering local experts and employees.

Sejarah Perusahaan dalam proses pembuatan Produk STB Tv digital

SMD (Surface Mount Device)

Surface Mount Device (SMD) is a process of installing electronic components on the surface of a PCB (Printed Circuit Board). The components that are installed on this machine are in the form of chips, IC or other parts that are supported to be installed by SMD machines.

  • Screen printing for printing paste/solder cream onto PCB
  • SPI (Solder Paste Inspection) checks the printing results of solder paste
  • Mounter (installation of components to the PCB),
  • Reflow (heating the solder paste to join the PCB and the assembled components together
  • AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection) is to check the results of Mounter and Reflow machines.

pengecekan Auto Insert pada STB Tv digital

AI (Auto Insert)

The Auto Insert process is for installing components with Jumper, Axial, Radial types which cannot be installed on SMD machines.

mesin SMD memasang komponen dari STB Tv Digital

PBA (Printed Board Assembly

PBA (Printed Board Assembly) is the next process after SMD and AI, in this process components are installed that cannot be installed on SMD and AI machines, the components are in the form of connectors/jacks and for the soldering process use a Wave Solder machine

proses akhir produk STB Tv digital nextron

FA (Final Assembly)

FA adalah proses terakhir dalam rangkaian produksi, pada proses ini PBA dirakit dengan komponen mechanical, lalu dilakukan test fungsi secara keseluruhan dan terakhir adalah pengepakan untuk siap dikirim ke customer.

QA (Quality Assurance)

QA exists to ensure product quality, QA consists of IQC (Incoming Quality Control) and OQC (Outgoing Quality Control). IQC is in charge of controlling the quality of raw materials while OQC is in charge of checking the results of the FA process

dvb s2 stb tv digital nextron teknologi indonesia

MC (Material Control) & Warehouse

Material control system as well as storage to keep the production flow running according to a predetermined plan

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